A Breakthrough Data Platform for Consumer Privacy

Glimpse Protocol allows completely private interaction with consumer data

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Glimpse Protocol’s purpose is to bring technological innovation to consumer privacy.

We create platforms that respect privacy and empower consumers in the ownership of their data. 

We are helping to build the next-generation internet, with identity, privacy and decentralised services at its core.



The Glimpse Protocol is a breakthrough data model that allows third-parties to query consumer data privately. 

  • Consumers retain ownership of their data.

  • Third Parties query consumer data without ever needing access to it.

  • Advanced cryptography provides assurance and privacy.


Meet the Team

We have experience as technologists across the British military and intelligence communities, as well as in privacy consultancy.

Mark Stoter OBE

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Holmes-Mitra MBE

Chief Technical Officer

Alasdair Macdoald

Chief Operations Officer


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